About Us

We strive to make a major impact in the lives of others through our commitment to the growth and well-being of business essentials, our business relationships and our support in the community. PZP BizConnect is about making strategic connections that make a difference. Our experienced team adheres to these core values.


Pamela Zeigler-Petty

Pamela Zeigler-Petty



Pamela Zeigler-Petty has earned the reputation as a venerate business leader led by one foundational principal — Anything is possible!

As President of PZP BizConnect, Pamela Zeigler-Petty serves as an advisor in the areas of strategic planning, business essentials, communications and innovative concepts. Her ability to quickly establish long-standing relationships of trust, draws upon her rich network of contacts to strategically link people with resources.

An Interview with Pamela Zeigler-Petty

Our Forte

Mind Your Business

We believe in helping clients mind their business through strategic planning, financial positioning, targeted relationships and more. PZP BizConnect is helping make better businesses for the now and the future. 

Integrity & Trust Always Wins

We believe in doing the right thing — even when no one is looking. Acting in the highest ethical standards helps us deliver uncompromising results and everyone to be able to sleep at night. There are no shortcuts to doing the right thing —  it is how we do business and how our clients continue to win.

Service Above Self

We, as a business and community, are only as good as the weakest of us. PZP BizConnect understands that serving others brings success and purpose. It also brings great results. 

Relationships are Forever

People do business with people they know and trust. You can trust that PZP BizConnect wants to build our relationship with you, as well as help you build profitable relationships with others. We value people and it shows in everything we do. We are here for the long term.

Go Bold... Innovative... Focused

Raise the performance bar for your company, your clients, and our community. PZP BizConnect is strategically delivering innovative solutions — one solution at a time.